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SEOULcast is a video and audio podcast produced by SEOULfi and our partners, 38SOUTH+ Television. SEOULcast interviews and highlights the art, culture, and destinations of South Korea for an English audience. If you’d like to listen via our site, you’ll see links to the files further down our page.

There are essentially five different type of episodes we produce:

For Video

  • Voices of Korea – Interviews, performances, debates, and discussions from some of the most unique and creative minds in Korea.
  • Destinations – Places off the grid around Seoul and South Korea we think are pretty cool.
  • Events – Concerts, festivals, protests, and special exhibitions happening all across the country.

For Audio

  • IndieWarehouse – SEOULfi producers sit down with the musicians making waves in Korea and bring you exclusive acoustic performances and interviews.
  • The Eastern Yard – Long-form debates, discussions, and interviews with community leaders from all areas of Korean culture talking about the issues of the day.

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  • Episode 1: Not Yet Available (TBA)
  • Episode 2: Not Yet Available (TBA)

SEOULcast Extras – Audio Only

We have recently launched our own YouTube channel (here). There you will be able to see all of our podcasts and exclusive content. If you like our videos, leave a comment, give us a thumbs up, and share. Help us get out the word. Look for more videos to be uploaded soon. Thanks, The Team @ SEOULfi

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