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Fidelity: [fi-del-i-tee, fahy-] 1. strict observance of promises, duties, etc. 2. adherence to fact or detail 3. faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief.

SEOULfi is an online magazine that produces stories focusing on Korean art, culture, and politics in English from within Korea. First launched in 2013 by Sabrina Hill, a writer and photographer from Canada, the site since has grown into a passionate team of writers and artists that regularly contribute original and compelling content for our growing readership.

Sabrina found that there was a considerable gap in scholarly coverage of art and political editorial publishing in English in Korea. Many of the print magazines and daily newspaper publishers focused on just reporting news and had a poor online presence. Combining her skills as a writer and photographer and her background and experience in politics, Sabrina began the site to be a media-rich and distinguished source for analysis of many facets of Korean culture and society.

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