Praying the Gay Away in Seoul

SEOULfi Staff Author 2015 1j

The organizers of this year’s Pride in Seoul are concerned and working overtime to come up with alternatives after a notice banning the parade in the planned route was issued by the Seoul Metropolitan police.

The Seoul police informed the LGBT group that there will be no permit issued on the grounds that there were too many rallies planned for the same time, including opposing anti-LGBT demonstrations, and that it would cause too much disruption to traffic and pedestrians in the area.

This is the official statement from the Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF) Organizing Committee:

On May 29th, the Korea Queer Culture Festival (KQCF) Organizing Committee submitted an application for a rally with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency to hold a Pride Parade scheduled to begin at Seoul Plaza. On May 30th 17:00 it was noticed [sic] to ban street marches from both proponents and opponents of the Pride Parade.

The committee goes on to say, “Namdaemun-gu Police Station, Seoul, justified its prohibition notice based on Article 8, Paragraph 2, and Article 12, Paragraph 1, of the Act on Assemblies and Demonstrations, which states that rallies may be banned wherever two or more rallies are planned by groups with conflicting goals; and on Article 12, Paragraph 1, where rallies may be banned whenever there is a possibility of inconvenience to pedestrian and vehicle traffic.”

Earlier this week, a message began to circulate via messaging services pleading with other anti-equality believers to post messages to electronic billboards outside Seoul city hall and to pressure city authorities into banning the pride parade planned for this month.


Translated it reads:

This is the message from praying ceremony in front of City Hall. City hall If you send an message against homosexuality to 010-6387-1177, It shows on the City Hall electronic display. Keep forwarding. It’s in front of the City Hall. MMS unavailable. Short message available. Homo-equality bill was not passed in Seoul, but we should keep praying till the last. If this law is legislated, homosexuality is educated at school. The minister of church can be fines if they reject officiant on same-sex marriage. Keep praying. Homo-equality bill should not be passed, Only 7 of 150 committee members are our side. We should pray for them to make a good speech. If they insist on voting, it is automatically passed. We should pray not to be like that. Send message _ now _ on city hall square _ your message _ sent _ is _ counted _ Please send _ 100 people. Please send this _ right now. Son Gwang-gi

제15회 퀴어문화축제 SEOULfi visited the 2014 Gay Pride Parade and events

제15회 퀴어문화축제 SEOULfi visited the 2014 Gay Pride Parade and events

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story had indicated that the message circulating was from earlier today. The exact date of when the message was initially sent has not yet been established by SEOULfi.

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