New Rules for Planes, Ferries

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The Korean FTC (Fair Trade Commission) has just release a new set of protocols for commercial, mass transit vehicles. Bus, ferry and airline operators will soon be required to disclose the results of past safety inspections along with details about the overall condition of their fleet.

The FTC’s move comes after a series of safety-related accidents, including the sinking of the ferry Sewol in April 2014. Since the sinking and a number of bus-related accidents, overall confidence in the policies of the government and operators is bottoming out. The FTC hopes that these changes will help reform the industry and rebuild confidence in Korea’s domestic transportation infrastructure.

Hotels, concert halls, sports stadiums and other facilities accommodating large numbers of people will also be subject to the rule, as part of government efforts to ease growing concerns over the safety of large-scale public facilities. Violators will face fines of up to 100 million won.

In addition, the anti-trust agency will require after-sales companies dealing with computers, smartphones, cameras and other consumer goods to disclose whether they use recycled parts.

Many consumers have been complaining that some businesses use recycled parts when repairing electronics goods, but charge as if they use brand new components.

The FTC also plans to oblige funeral homes to disclose a price list of clothes worn by the deceased so that bereaved people can make more informed decisions. This is also to help reduce funeral expenses as such clothes are often sold at higher than market prices by funeral homes, which often exaggerate the quality of fabric such items are made from.

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