There is No Surviving This Tragedy

Author Sabrina Hill 1j

In contrast to the protests of last week, yesterday’s vigil for the families of the victims was peaceful, moving, and perfectly honoured those that were lost.

The Vigil Share Candle 1

There were performances, songs, speeches, and a peaceful call to action by the organizers. Some of the siblings of those that died over a year ago told stories of their loved ones and how their lives have changed. How the pain hasn’t yet faded and follows them like an unwelcome shadow.

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The event was over capacity as supporters showed up along with dozens of community and civil rights organizations rallied and sat with the parents in the first few rows. Some political organizations also were there asking the President to step down in the wake of her mishandling of the rescue and investigation along with the other controversies surrounding her, her aides, and her political party.

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