Seoul’s Enterprising Descend on COEX

SEOULfi Staff Author 2015 1j

Opening today, Thursday March 12th, and running until this Saturday, COEX is hosting the country’s largest franchise expo. COEX describes Franchise Seoul as, “[a] leading and large-scale exhibition in Korea for entrepreneurs, start-ups, global brands, business franchisers, and franchisees.”

Full disclosure, SEOULfi and COEX are partners, but this coverage is unpaid. Many of our readers are interested in networking, growing their businesses or possibly starting one, so this is why we’ve brought you this story. This weekend, SEOULfi will be down at the EXPO meeting with supporters of SEOULfi and getting coverage of the event.


Franchise Seoul takes place at the Coex Center in the heart of Gangnam, Seoul. The Coex Center is Korea’s largest and busiest location for events. The neighborhood of Gangnam in Seoul is a lively and exciting district for both tourism and business. Franchise Seoul is organized by Coex Co., Ltd.

Coex has over thirty years of experience in the domestic and international exhibition industry.


If you are looking to upgrade your business or change direction, this weekend may be the time to do it. Check out the Frnachise Seoul EXPO down at COEX.


Let us know what you think.

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