Enjoying the Buddhist Experience at Bongeunsa

SEOULfi Staff Author 2015 1j Just across the street from Seoul’s massive COEX lies one of the most moving Buddhist temples. According to Bongeunsa’s own site it’s “Carrying on the aspiration of the Great Buddhist monk Bowoo who revived the Buddhism during the Chosun Dynasty, the time of oppression on Buddhism and Veneration on Confucianism and the spirit of the Great monk Seosan and Samyung, Bongeunsa Temple is now making new history on Korean Buddhism.”

Temple Life at Bongeunsa-10

Recently SEOULfi¬†visited the majestic temple and this is what we saw. If you’d like to experience a Temple Stay or have a Temple experience, check out their site (English) here: Bongeunsa Temple.

fran_730_90 If you are going to be in Seoul across from COEX, don’t miss their Franchise EXPO this year. Temple Life at Bongeunsa-5 Photos from this article are compliments of Sabrina Hill.

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